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The Sail Healthcare Mission

Improving Home Respiratory Care for adults

About Sail Healthcare - Home Respiratory Care

About Sail Healthcare

The journey from hospital to home can present unique challenges. Knowing this, the Sail Healthcare team is committed to providing the home respiratory care and resources you need to transition smoothly. We not only offer the best home respiratory care for adult patients, but incomparable support to families and caregivers as well.

With years of clinical expertise and experience, our Registered Respiratory Therapists are here to train family members, caregivers, and nursing staff to use the home medical equipment that will enable you and your loved ones to thrive in a home environment.

A dedicated Case Manager will help you navigate through the complexities of insurance, authorizations, and physicians’ orders.

When you need supplies or equipment delivered, picked up, or repaired, our Service Technicians will ensure you have what you need, when you need it. 

Our patients and their loved ones will always be our priority. We understand that emergencies can arise at any time, so our home respiratory care services will always be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

A Message from Our Sail Healthcare CEO

I founded Wave Healthcare in the fall of 2007 with one primary focus, to improve healthcare for the children of Texas. As a board-certified Respiratory Therapist and Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner, I wanted to use my professional experience to determine whether the home respiratory care and services I was providing to patients were helping to improve their quality of life over the long term.

In addition to my commitment to improving the healthcare of children through the services Wave provides, I also made a commitment to their families and the caregivers who attend to their special needs. Families and caregivers are as much a part of our service as the children Wave serves.

This brings us to Sail Healthcare. As our Wave patients grew up, I realized that the adult community needs a ‘Wave’; a patient-centric home respiratory care company with the same commitment to improving home respiratory care to serve both the Wave patients in their adulthood and the adult community at large.

The needs of adults differ from children, and to deliver the quality of care that I believe is essential, simply expanding Wave into a one-size-fits-all company wasn’t appropriate. So I founded Sail, a company focusing on the specific respiratory needs of adults, with therapists and staff specifically trained to deliver the standard of care Wave is renowned for to the adult population.

I am committed to improving patient care through technology, and the education of parents and caregivers in the use of that technology. Every patient may have different medical needs and every family’s different concerns, so creating feasible solutions to problems that can arise are an integral part of what we do every day.

Over the past two decades, I have established solid relationships in the respiratory care community and am grateful to serve our patients throughout Texas.

Rodney Gray

Matt Ford — Sail Healthcare COO

My background and how I came about the healthcare industry is rather varied. After completing my postgraduate studies in mining engineering and finance, I immigrated to the United States from the United Kingdom in 1997. After a period in investment banking, I transitioned into the healthcare arena. And in 2001, I developed a successful senior care company. After several years, an opportunity arose to return to the mining industry by way of developing an exploration asset in Alaska. After successfully advancing this asset, the entity was successfully sold to a mine development company.

Which brings me back to healthcare – For the last decade, I have been closely associated with Rodney Gray as a consultant for Wave Healthcare, LLC, which is an exclusively pediatric home respiratory care and durable medical equipment company. I have witnessed the impact of Wave Healthcare’s mission of “Improving Healthcare for Child” first hand and how it has positively impacted the lives of so many children.

As pediatric patients “aged out” of Wave Healthcare’s services, we quickly heard from caregivers and families alike that there was a need for Wave Healthcare’s successful level of home respiratory care for adults. As we had an opportunity to fulfill that need, Sail Healthcare was founded.

With expert hospital-to-home education services, adult clinical respiratory support, as well as innovative medical equipment applications, we intend to positively impact the lives of many adults through Sail healthcare and our mirrored mission of “Improving Healthcare for Adults.”

Our Team

We are here to provide you with the support you need so you feel empowered and equipped to face each new day with confidence and inspiration.

I started my career at Wave Healthcare 10 years ago and have enjoyed every bit of being an advocate for our special needs children, and now a part of Sail Healthcare’s adult family support team. We have the best Respiratory Therapist’s and customer service ladies that support them! We work as a team and a family to make sure that our patients are fully taken care of and are given opportunities that may or may not have been possible before. I am so thankful to our leader Rodney for giving us the opportunity to do what we do everyday! 

Stephanie B.

Sail Healthcare Gives Back

Together with our sister company, Wave Healthcare, we at Sail Healthcare stand firmly by our Mission, Vision, and Values.

It is integral to those values that we support organizations within our community that directly assist and benefit our patient population. We wholeheartedly believe that with the right support and resources, the families we serve can live their lives to the fullest. It’s our honor to link arms with nonprofits in Texas that share our passion for helping those in need overcome challenges and thrive. To learn more about these organizations and the services they provide, see the links below.