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Our Approach to Home Respiratory Care

Our programs and equipment are specifically tailored to support adult patients requiring home respiratory care. Our Home Respiratory Therapists are exceptional in their field and passionate about using their clinical expertise to give you the knowledge and confidence to thrive outside of a hospital setting. They will ensure you and other caregivers can utilize your home respiratory equipment and supplies with skill and confidence.

We take this holistic approach to help our patients and their families live their fullest lives.

Home Respiratory Care - Home Respiratory Therapists - Home Respiratory Therapy

Home Respiratory Therapy and Support

Home Respiratory Care and Training by exceptional home respiratory therapists

Our wonderful respiratory therapists will get you set up with the best medical equipment, and they will make regularly scheduled follow-up visits to provide the training and support you need. They will also regularly communicate and collaborate with other members of your medical team to ensure your unique care requirements are always being met.

Home Respiratory Equipment

Respiratory Equipment and Supplies designed for easy and effective use in a home Respiratory Care environment

Our home respiratory care program is inspired by the idea that our patients belong at home with their loved ones. We provide the specialized home respiratory equipment and supplies necessary to make that vision a reality for families like yours. It is our mission to ensure you have the care, support, and  state-of-the-art medical devices and products to excel in a home-care environment.

Insurances We Accept

Sail Healthcare is contracted with a vast number of providers. Insurance plans can be very complicated, but our experienced team can help you navigate your coverage. We will guide you through the process so you can receive the services and equipment needed for all your in-home respiratory care needs. 

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We are here to provide you with the support you need so you feel empowered and equipped to face each new day with confidence and inspiration.