Lupe Martinez

Clinical Outreach Coordinator

Guadalupe “Lupe” Martinez is a Texan, born and raised. 

She has a Bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Care from Texas State University, and came to Sail and Wave Healthcare with over 35 years of experience in respiratory care. For twenty years, Lupe worked at Methodist Hospital. She then spent thirteen years with a pediatric pulmonologist, followed by three years training nurses to properly care for vent and trach patients in a homecare environment. 

Lupe joined our sister company, Wave Healthcare, in 2012. She transitioned to Sail the year that COVID-19 hit, and she has been a key team member ever since. 

Lupe has referred to the Sail team as the “Village People,” stating that it takes a village to properly transition high-complexity patients home from the hospital. She is inspired by how well our team works together, and how hard we strive to do right by our patients. 

“The people I work with are compassionate,” Lupe said. “They care about our patients and always try to be the solution. My ‘Village People’ are great.”