Pulse Oximeters

Instructional & Troubleshooting Video

Sail Healthcare utilizes a number of different Pulse Oximeters to meet our patients’ needs. 

All of our various units have the same general setup and guidelines for use. In this video, we demonstrate setup, use, and troubleshooting for the Masimo Rad-G Pulse Oximeter, but you can follow the same instructions for other machines, as well.

Chapter Breakdown

0:08 – Intro

0:18 – Portability and Charging

0:36 – Turning Your Machine On and Off

1:03 – Purpose of a Pulse Oximeter

1:11 – Parameters and Readings

1:50 – Our RTs Will Program Your Device

2:08 – What You Receive Upon Setup of Your Device

2:30 – Placement of Your Probes is Important

2:37 – Proper Probe Placement for an Adult or Older Child

2:54 – Proper Probe Placement for an Infant

3:29 – Connecting Your Probe to Your Machine

4:08 – What to do if Your Machine is Not Properly Reading Heart Rate or Oxygen Oxygen Saturation

4:17 – Pulse Oximeter Alarms

4:44 – What to do if Repositioning Your Probe Does Not Result in Proper Readings

5:05 – Switching Sensor Sites

5:30 – Replacing the Tape on Your Probe

6:38 – Replace the Probe if You Still Cannot Get a Proper Reading

6:44 – Please Call Us for More Information