I founded Wave Healthcare (Sail’s sister company) in the fall of 2007 with one primary focus, to improve healthcare for the children of Texas. As a board certified Respiratory Therapist and Licensed Respiratory Care Practitioner, I wanted to use my professional experience to determine whether the care and services I was providing to patients was helping to improve their quality of life over the long-term. 10 year’s later, I believe they have. Wave has grown steadily, and is now serving the entire state of Texas.

In addition to my commitment to improve the healthcare of children through the services Wave provides, I also made a commitment to their families and the caregivers who attend to their special needs. Families and caregivers are as much a part of our service as the children Wave serves.

Which brings us to Sail Healthcare. As our Wave patients grew up, I realized that the adult community needs a 'Wave'; a patient centric specialist respiratory company with a same commitment to improve healthcare to serve both the Wave patients in their adulthood, and the adult community at large.

The needs of adults differ from children, and to deliver the quality of care that I believe is essential, simply expanding Wave into a ‘one size fits all’ company wasn’t appropriate. So I founded Sail, a company focusing on the specific respiratory needs of adults, with therapists and staff specifically trained to deliver the standard of care Wave is renowned for to the adult population.

I am committed to improving patient care through technology, and the education of parents and caregivers in the use of that technology. Every patient may have different medical needs and every family different concerns, so creating feasible solutions to problems that can arise are an integral part of what we do every day.

Over the past two decades, I have established solid relationships in the respiratory care community and am grateful to serve our patients throughout Texas.